Pilar Parra

Pilar Parra García Managing Partner

Degree in Political Science and Sociology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). More than 25 years of experience in market research. I started as a Qualitative executive in PAC, a market research agency specialized in research in children. I later became the Research Director at Delta Marketing Research, and then I was a Qualitative Division Director at Advira. I am currently a Managing Partner at Kuo Experience.

"My koan: Where are the eyes of the shadow?"

María José Barbudo Sotomayor Managing Partner

Degree in Economics (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). More than 20 years of experience in market research. I started my professional career as a research executive in Research International. After 9 years I moved to Delta Marketing Research, creating the Quantitative Department in this company, and after that I was the Quantitative Division Director in Advira. Currently I am Managing Partner in Kuo Experience.

"Impossible is nothing"

María José Barbudo
Amelia García

Amelia García de la Piedad Senior Executive

Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Social Psychology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). I have more than 9 years of experience in market research. I started my professional career as a Qualitative Executive at Metra Seis. I continued working in the Qualitative department of Synovate, and later in Advira. I am currently a Senior Executive at Kuo Experience.

"If you want things to change, don't always have the same
answers for the same problems"

Virginia Godoy Senior Executive

Degree in Sociology (UNED) and Advertising (CENP) , Dramatic Art and Music (Singing). I have been working in Market Research since 1990 for different institutes and clients (national and international clients). Research Executive in INNER RESEARCH, we I started by professional career, Research International, Advira. Freelance Analyst for a great variety of companies (TNS, ARPO, Escario, Synovate, Millward Brown, Big Band, Punto de Fuga...) and fieldwork agencies ( IVP Ibérica, Block de ideas). I am currently working as Senior Research Executive in KUO.

"Conventionality and conformity have no wings.
Those who fly are imagination, feeling and idea"

Virginia Godoy
Javier Llanos

Javier Llanos Junior Executive

Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Social Psychology and political analysis(Universidad Complutense de Madrid). A parte también me formé en el Master de Investigación Social y de Mercados, en el Ilustre Colegio de Politólogos y Sociólogos de Madrid. He trabajado cómo técnico de campo en la empresa Invymark, colaborando en investigaciones sobre comunicación y género para la fundación IS+D. Desde 2015 estoy trabajando en Kuo Experience como técnico Junior. Debido a mi formación versátil y polivalente, trabajo tanto para el departamento cuantitativo, cómo para el cualitativo de Kuo Experience.

"Don't dream your life, live your dreams"

Alicia Romero Donoso Coordination Leader

Certified in Business Administration and Management in Madrid. More than 15 year of experience in Market Research. I started my professional career as Recruiter and Office Manager in PAC. Later I was Recruiter Manager and Operations Manager in Delta Marketing Research. Later I worked in Advira Beyond Research as Operations Manager and Document Editing Manager. Currentky I am Coordination Leader en Kuo Experience.

"He who doesn't face life with intensity, passion, desire and courage,
will obviously not perceive it as a challenge but, at most,
as a routine."

Alicia Romero