We build ad-hoc studies adapted to our client's specific needs. Our team has worked on a wide variety of studies. We can highlight the following:

  • Creativity projects
  • Detection of insights and creation of new positioning
  • Concept and Product Tests
  • Image and Positioning Studies
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Packaging Tests
  • Website and usability Tests
  • Use and Attitudes Studies (U&A)
  • Purchasing process Research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Pre- and Post-Advertising tests
  • Online communities
  • WHY© (Trends observatory)
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Online communities

Kuo's technical team has vast experience in online studies.

We have several active forums on different product categories, reporting daily on actions, moments and attitudes. Our collaborators are divided into different age groups and provide very relevant information:

  • On a tactical level, for example: response to a concept, claim, communication, etc.
  • On a strategic level: the evolutionary movement of the brand is registered, measuring the impact of the communications and promotions at the retail outlet.

In order to do this, the Kuo team has developed communicational tools adapted to the online medium: projective, story-telling, game-story, infography, etc.

Online communities
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"Hybrid" studies

Estudios híbridos

Our experience makes us look at research with a fresh look, adapted to each project and to the reality of today. In this sense, "hybrid" studies are an essential piece:

  • We have an integrated quantitative fieldwork platform that allows us to conduct in-studio interviews with diverse methodologies (CATI, online and personal). Thus, the interviewee can respond in the way that is most suitable for him/her, even using the different methodologies in different study phases in a totally integrated way.
  • We use qualitative and quantitative, combined on-off techniques, for example a focus group with an online forum (before or after), or a quant study with a forum later on.
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Creativity Studies

We offer expertise and creativity.

We are experts in long-lasting creative ateliers, where we combine different ingredients of a regressive nature in order to get spontaneous and emotional responses compared to mental and rational ones.

Creativity studies

Trends Research

Kuo has developed a trends observatory called WHY©, whose goal is to get ahead of the market and guide brands towards better strategic decisions. In order to do so, it focuses on advanced consumers: early-adopters, working with them through an online panel.

WHY© allows Kuo to gather information on:

  • The main trends that are going to arise in the market.
  • The advanced consumers, their likes and their preferences.
  • Ad-hoc: Every angle can be dealt with on different levels and methodologies with our advanced consumers (Questions in the online panel and Creative co-creation groups).
WHY Trends observatory